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Filtration systems

TMS-C system, CMS system and PMC system

Our filtration systems - including the TMS-C-System, the CMS-System and the PMC-System - offer comprehensive solutions for all areas where sample - filtration is required. Explore the variety of our offerings and discover the optimal filtration solution for your needs.



Automatic backflushing with compressed air and chemicals


Automatic backflushing with compressed air


Manual cleaning

TMS-C system

The TMS-C system is particularly versatile and is therefore especially suitable for use in difficult waters, such as those found in industrial wastewater or in the inlet of sewage treatment plants. It is characterized by its automatic reverse flow cleaning with compressed air and chemicals, which ensures profound cleaning (programmable) of the filter elements and provides efficient sample filtration.

TMS-C system

CMS system

The CMS system is ideally suited for the sampling of surface water and other liquids with a medium degree of contamination. It is not only particularly easy to maintain due to its compact design and low weight, but also impresses with its automatic backwash function using compressed air, which enables simple, efficient and automatic cleaning.

CMS system

PMC system

The PMC system is ideal for the filtration of liquids with a medium degree of contamination such as those found in activated sludge and wastewater treatment plant outlets. The simple, manual cleaning of the PMC ceramic membrane is only necessary at relatively long intervals, depending on the particular application.

PMC system

With these systems, ETL Verfahrenstechnik GmbH enables precise and reliable sample filtration under the most diverse conditions in the wastewater - environment. Their specific functions and the variety of possible applications make them to useful tools in modern filtration technology.


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Special solutions and individual requirements

ETL Verfahrenstechnik GmbH offers customized solutions for special applications. We address your unique needs and develop filtration solutions that are exactly balanced to your requirements. We will be happy to advise you in detail about our customized solutions.

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