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Filtration system

The CMS system is suitable for the sampling of liquids with a medium degree of pollution, e.g. surface water. With its compact design and low weight, it proves to be particularly easy to maintain.

  • Indoor or outdoor version available
  • Automatic compressed air flushing
  • Metal mesh
  • Easy maintenance

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The CMS can be quickly and easily adapted to the respective water by a whole range of different filter finenesses. To clean the metal mesh, an automatic compressed air flushing system is installed, whose periodic compressed air blast frees the pores from dirt. This can be customized depending on the boundary conditions.

For outdoor installation, both the cabinet and the filtrate lines are optionally heated.

The stainless steel/aluminum basin fixing  is designed for mounting on the railing or the crown of the basin and is easy to install. The quick-release fastener allows easy maintenance as well as quick and uncomplicated exchange of the filter probe.

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