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Filtration system

The CMS system is ideally appropriated for sampling liquids with a medium degree of contamination, such as surface water and cooling water. With its compact design and low weight, it is particularly easy to maintain.

  • - Available as indoor or outdoor version
  • - Automatic compressed air flush cleaning
  • - Fitting with metal mesh
  • - Easy maintenance

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Compact and easy-to-maintain filtration solution for liquids with a medium degree of contamination.

The CMS system is optimally designed for sampling liquids with a medium degree of contamination, such as surface water. The wide range of available filter fineness’s allows it to be quickly and easily adapted to the wastewater in question. A built-in automatic compressed air flush cleaning system cleans the metal mesh and frees the pores from dirt. The frequency of this cleaning can be programmed, depending on the respective boundary conditions.

For outdoor use, both the control cabinet and the filtrate lines can be optionally heated. The stainless steel/aluminum basin bracket is designed for mounting on the railing or on the top of the basin and is easy to install. A quick-release fastener relieved facilitates maintenance and allows the filter tube to be changed quickly and easily.


ETL Verfahrenstechnik GmbH sets new standards in sample filtration with its CMS system. It is specially designed for the requirements of wastewater treatment plants and is particularly convincing for the filtration of liquids with a medium degree of contamination, such as in the effluent of a wastewater treatment plant and surface water. Its compact design and light weight make it an easy-to-install and user-friendly system.

The CMS system stands out especially for its high-quality metal mesh, which ensures reliable filtration. To keep the system durable and efficient, an automatic compressed air backwash (programmable) is integrated. This innovative technology keeps the metal mesh tube clean, ensuring continuous high filtration performance.

In addition to functional performance, ETL Verfahrenstechnik GmbH places great emphasis on ease of maintenance. A concise example is the integrated quick-release fastener, which ensures easy maintenance as well as a quick change of the filter tube.
Overall, the CMS system offers a compact, high-performance and easy-to-maintain solution for sample filtration in wastewater treatment plants.

With the combination of metal mesh and automatic compressed air-rinsing it ensures that the quality and quantity of the water samples is always maintained at the highest level.

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Here you will find our current brochure for download. It offers you detailed information, technical data and application notes about our CMS system.