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Vision - Mission - Values

ETL Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

Our Vision:

As a recognized and successful family business, we take an active, impulse-giving role in wastewater filtration technology (sample filtration for wastewater analysis). We are committed to the (environment) and its inhabitants and contribute with our products, to a considerable extent, to the protection of water quality. We work closely with well-respected companies and due to the continuing trust in our systems, our partner network is continuously expanding. Our goal is to play an effective role in the German market in the coming years.


Our Mission:

We focus on balanced and sustainable growth. In Germany, we are moving forward ambitiously in the field of wastewater filtration technology and are consistently focusing on advanced technologies. Our strengths lie in the combination of many years of experience, expert knowledge, innovative thinking and an awareness of environmental protection.


Our values:

Common values are important to us and are lived in active cooperation with our customers and employees. Our working environment is characterized by professionalism and down-to-earthness as well as the focus on open team communication and motivation. The development of personal skills and technical professional competencies is a high priority for us. Our employees and partners are essential for us, and we treat them with respect, appreciation and recognition.


Our unique selling points:

1. Practical orientation
With over 35 years of market experience as a family-owned company and as a competent OEM in wastewater filtration technology, we have a profound understanding of the challenges facing our sector.

2. Compatibility
Our equipment and components are designed to easily interface with all available on-line measurement-systems. Our products interface with "all" types of on-line measurement-systems without restriction and are capable of easily replacing sample filtration systems from other manufacturers. By automating sample filtration, we provide reliable solutions for various analytical procedures, such as phosphate, nitrate and ammonium measurements.

3. Modularity
Our modules are all-round and can be used in the different phases of “waste” water treatment, such as primary-treatment, aeration or secondary-treatment. We know the challenges exactly! ETL Verfahrenstechnik GmbH offers customized solutions from one source.

4. Quality management
By testing each system under simulated "real-life" conditions, we ensure the functional reliability of our systems. Our quality standard is to deliver trouble-free products for our customers.This approach runs through all areas of ETL Verfahrenstechnik GmbH.


Our Company philosophy