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DOSY-S our acid dosing system

The DOSY-S our acid dosing system, specially designed for cleaning aeration systems on wastewater treatment plants, improves the efficiency of your system by reducing the back pressure in the aerator tube and ensuring an improved bubble pattern in the revitalization.

  • smooth injection of acid
  • Mobile use
  • High working safety standard
  • Incl. filling/emptying device
  • Incl. pressure monitoring

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Optimization of wastewater treatment plants through a higher energy efficiency with the DOSY-S acid dosing system

The energy costs of a wastewater treatment plant are mainly caused by the generation of compressed air for the biological revitalization. Increasing calcification and other contaminations of the aeration elements leads to increased back pressure and thus to a higher energy consumption. In addition, overloading of the blowers or compressors can lead to failures, requiring a reduction in air flow and possibly causing damage to the aeration membranes and basic bodies.

An effective solution to these problems is offered by the DOSY-S from ETL Verfahrenstechnik GmbH. It inserts acid directly into the aeration line at the intended dosing point, with the air flow transporting the nebulized acid to the aeration elements. There, the acid dissolves the lime, cleans the elements and lowers the operating pressure in the overall system. This ensures smooth aeration and increases the efficiency of the treatment plant.

Studies have shown that regular treatment with acid can also extend the lifecycle of the aerators and significantly reduce energy consumption. There is a direct correlation between the pressure increase in the aeration system and the power consumption of the compressors.

The DOSY-S (acid dosing system) is designed for use with formic acid and acetic acid, and the high mobility of the barrel-container makes it easy to reach any location on the plant. Installation is done by an existing ½-inch IG-ball-valve on the aerator pipe and a supplied adapter on the dosing line.

By using the standard auxiliary pump, the dosing tank can be safely filled from a storage canister or emptied before storage.

Product video acid dosing system DOSY-S

Summary: DOSY-S acid dosing system

The innovative DOSY-S acid dosing system from ETL Verfahrenstechnik GmbH is an optimal addition to wastewater treatment plants. DOSY-S doesn´t only facilitates the cleaning of aeration elements, but also helps to improve the overall performance of your wastewater treatment plant. As experts in filtration and dosing systems, we design our products to increase both the efficiency and long-life cycle of your plant. The DOSY-S is specifically designed to reduce back pressure in the aerator tubes and ensure improved bubbling in the aeration system.

As the leading dosing system in the industry, DOSY-S combines state-of-the-art technology with user-friendliness, to optimize the operation of your wastewater treatment plant while significantly reducing energy costs.

Discover DOSY-S - our solution for efficient and effective aerator cleaning in wastewater treatment plants.

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