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Filtration system

The TMS-C has proven itself under the toughest conditions and is therefore used especially in difficult waters such as industrial waste water or the inlet of sewage treatment plants.

  • Indoor or outdoor version available
  • Automatic membrane cleaning with compressed air and chemicals
  • Membrane probe
  • Easy maintenance

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The submerged membrane probe reliably delivers permeate to the measuring device with the help of the pump. To prevent blockages, the system has a backflush function with compressed air, which ensures that the filter surface is regularly blown free. In addition, the instrument has an automatic chemical cleaning system that cleans the membrane probe and permeate paths daily.

For outdoor installation, both the cabinet and the filtrate lines are optionally heated.

The stainless steel/aluminum basin fixing is designed for mounting on the railing or crown of the basin and is easy to install. The quick-release fastener allows easy maintenance as well as quick and uncomplicated exchange of the membrane probe.

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