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TMS-C System

Filtration System

The TMS-C system, our filtration system for a wide range of applications, has proven excellent in demanding environments. It is specifically designed for use in industrial wastewater or in the influent of wastewater treatment plants.

  • Available as indoor or outdoor version
  • Automatic membrane cleaning with compressed air and chemicals
  • Membrane-Probe
  • Easy maintenance

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Reliable filtration even under demanding conditions with the TMS-C system

The TMS-C system uses a submersed membrane probe and pump continuously and reliably delivered permeate into the measurement system. An integrated backwash function (programmable) with compressed air prevents from clogging. In addition, the TMS-C has an automatic chemical cleaning function (programmable) that keeps both the membrane probe and the permeate lines clean in a programmable manner.

When designed for outdoor use, both the system cabinet and filtrate lines are optionally heatable to ensure full function under changing weather conditions.

The basin bracket, made of robust stainless steel and aluminum, is designed to be mounted on the railing or on the top of the basin for easy installation. A quick-release fastener facilitates both maintenance and quick and easy replacement of the membrane probe.


The TMS-C system from ETL Verfahrenstechnik GmbH offers a reliable solution for permeate supply for measuring devices in wastewater treatment plants. Particularly noteworthy is the high operational reliability, which is guaranteed even under demanding conditions such as the filtration of industrial wastewater. With a low-maintenance diaphragm pump and the automatic cleaning function (programmable), the TMS-C system ensures low maintenance requirements. The heated outdoor version ensures reliable operation even in adverse weather conditions and is also suitable for SBR-plants. Equally impressive is the system's filter probe, which ensures consistently high filtration quality and quantity. The TMS-C system from ETL - your partner for a simple and safe filtration solution in wastewater treatment plants.

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Here you can download our current brochure. It provides you with detailed information, technical data and application notes on our TMS-C system.