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Filtration system

For the use as sample filtration for liquids with a medium degree of contamination, e.g. in activation and outlet of sewage treatment plants, the PMC system proves to be very reliable.

  • Indoor or outdoor use possible
  • Cleaning is done manually as required
  • Ceramic-like membrane

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Combined with on-line analyzers, the PMC is used for reliable plant control, e.g. for aeration or precipitant dosing. Unlike the CMS, however, it has a ceramic filter which is not automatically cleaned.

The disc consists of a special inorganic membrane material. Due to the fine pores including the dirt-repellent surface a surface filtration is achieved. This makes the membrane surface very easy to clean and yet thorough. The ceramic disc is cleaned manually depending on the degree of contamination. In addition, chemical cleaning may be necessary from time to time depending on the conditions of use

With an additional adapter, the membrane surface can be enlarged very easily by mounting another disc on top of the existing one.

For outdoor installation, both the cabinet and the filtrate lines are optionally heated.

The stainless steel/aluminum basin fixing is designed for mounting on the railing or crown of the basin and is easy to install. The quick-release fastener allows easy maintenance as well as quick and uncomplicated replacement of the filter disc.

For indoor applications, it is also possible to use the PMC Disc as a container system. In this case, a high volume flow of raw water is constantly flowing around the disc in the container, while permeate is drawn off via the ceramic surface.


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