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Filtration System

The PMC system provides high-performance sample filtration of liquids with a medium degree of contamination, optimal for activated sludge processes and outfalls in wastewater treatment plants. It is characterized by its high reliability.

  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Cleaning is carried out manually for longer intervals as required
  • Ceramic - membrane with easy to clean surface

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Reliable and easy-to-maintain sample filtration with ceramic technology.

The PMC system from ETL Verfahrenstechnik GmbH is used in combination with online measuring systems for reliable control of plant processes, for example aeration or precipitant dosing. Like the CMS, the PMC has an automatic backwash, but instead of air (CMS), the PMC backwashes the ceramic membrane with permeate.

The ceramic membrane disc, made of a special inorganic membrane material, enables surface filtration through its fine pores and stain-resistant surface. This simplifies cleaning of the membrane surface, which is performed manually depending on the degree of fouling. Under certain operating conditions, chemical cleaning may be necessary.

With an optional mechanical adapter, the membrane surface can be easily enlarged by mounting an further ceramic membrane disc to the existing one.

For outdoor use, the housing and filtrate lines can be optionally heated.

The stainless steel/aluminum basin bracket, designed for mounting on the railing or on the top of the basin-wall, is easy to install. The quick-release fastener facilitates both, maintenance and uncomplicated replacement of the ceramic membrane filter disc.


The PMC system from ETL Verfahrenstechnik GmbH represents an advanced and sophisticated filtration system for wastewater treatment plants. Equipped with a robust ceramic membrane filter disc, the system ensures efficient sample filtration and thus improves the quality of wastewater analysis.

The ceramic membrane filter disc allows accurate filtration of wastewater to produce high quality and quantitative permeate. With the ability to easily expand the membrane surface/area, the PMC system offers flexibility and high-performance standards, even under the most demanding conditions.

For indoor applications, the PMC system offers the possibility to operate with the ceramic membrane filter disc in a container system. In this case, a high-volume flow of wastewater continuously flows around the disc, while permeate is extracted by the ceramic disk surface. This allows a constant and efficient filtration.

With the comfortable quick-release fastener, maintenance and replacement of the ceramic membrane filter disc is simple and straightforward. When used outdoors, optional heated housings and filtrate lines ensure optimal operating conditions in all weather conditions.

Overall, the PMC system is a very effective and highly reliable solution in the field of filtration systems, setting new standards in wastewater analysis thanks to its innovative design and easy maintenance.

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Here you can download our current brochure. It provides detailed information, technical data and application notes about our PMC system.