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Conversion Solutions

Cost-effective and compatible replacement

If you would like to change from an existing system to a product from ETL, we recommend one of our conversion kits. Our products are compatible with all on-line measuring devices and can therefore easily replace sample filtration systems of other manufacturers.

With our conversion kits you can also extend the life of your old system by equipping your existing system with the latest generation of filters.

Plate Membrane Module PME

The PME is an established product on the market, which serves as a cost-effective replacement for plate filters from other manufacturers. The submerged membrane modules convince with a quick exchange and easy cleaning. In addition, they promise a long service life, regardless of whether they are used in basins, channels or tanks. The place of application is the biology or the outlet.

The plate module offers a number of decisive advantages:

  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Applicable for all on-line measuring instruments
  • Particle and solid free permeate through membrane technology
  • Large permeate volume due to double-sided membrane surface
  • Protection of the membrane surfaces by recessed seat
  • Easy and fast membrane cleaning

Connection options:

The existing filter system with basin holder, control unit and permeate line is retained. Only the old filter plates are replaced with the new PME module.

A 4 or 6 mm hose connection is used for connection to the permeate line.


A special brush for effective but gentle cleaning of the membrane surface is included in delivery.

ETL also offers the possibility to change the PMM or PME plate membranes to an even more compact system. With the appropriate adapter piece you can convert from PME or PMM to our new PMC module without any constructional effort.

PME-Module to PMC-Disc

PMM-Module to PMC-Disc

The PMC disc is made of a modified ceramic and is extremely small with a diameter of 152 mm. In addition, it delivers a higher quality filtrate and is less prone to wear. If the permeate quantity should not be sufficient a doubling up with a further disc is possible by means of multiadapter. A brush is sufficient to clean the filter surface, which makes cleaning very convenient.

Plate filters from other manufacturers can be replaced analogously with the PMC Disc.